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This blog has been created by Nolan Jazimreg, the pen name of the London-based author of “Veritas est Libertas”, a highly contentious, but also a contagious dystopian novel that reveals profound insights into how hatred infiltrates us and oppresses our adeptness to live a contented life.

Coinciding with Jazimreg’s three novels, this blog strives to instigate a comprehensive appraisal of common assumptions about happiness, freedom, democracy, religion, but also heaven and hell, the neglected realms that we experience during our lifetimes.

Having undergone a unique and rare life experience, Nolan Jazimreg developed a bipolar condition and setbacks that transcended him into the parallel spiritual realm, which due the “veil” bestowed upon them,  most adults can’t experience.

Jazimreg was born to an award-winning TV journalist mother, whereas his father worked as Professor of Psychology at the local University.

Jazimreg spent his childhood in a communist system, then his teenage years in socialist one and his adult life in the capitalism.

Before turning 18, Jazimreg met a wonderful person who fulfilled him, but because of religious differences, he was deprived of his first love.

Jazimreg belonged to an ethnic minority and just like others who spoke the same language as did, were discriminated by his state or other individuals that were an ethnic majority.

Gradually, the ethnic tension were boiling over, erupting into a civil war that forced Jazimreg to flee his home and became a refugee in London.

Hoping that it might aspire younger generations to create a better, just and a peaceful world, unlike the painful one that he journeyed through, Jazimreg began inscribing his first novel that reveals unique experiences and a vision about a different future civilization that could be accomplished in the future.

Unedited contents of Jazimreg’s first novel “Veritas est Libertas”, the political dystopian novel that chronicles the journey of Alexander Kushtetuta, the orphan who is supposed to unite the humankind by producing a just and divine constitution of are posted on this featured on The Deception Scanner.

Jazimreg’s second novel “Beyond the Veil”, is a spiritual novel that unravels what a bipolar experiences during setback episodes, and although this phenomenon is often dismissed as a mere hallucination, it is fundamental to the human ability to understand the purpose of their existence or the way to live a contended fulfilling life.

The Deception Scanner is devoted to those who are tired of being patronized by Mainstream Media and interested in rupturing its widespread indoctrination, which threatens our democracies, leading to the destruction of ordinary people’s lives.