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Category: Architecture

The Remembrance Element of Monuments and Memorials

The design of monuments and memorials should encapture the moment that determined the need to be remembered by future generations. Focusing on the past and…

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The Architectural Contemporary Theory

Whilst Modernist architects justified their purpose in successfully replacing the ornaments favoured by the Classicists, the deconstructive trajectory relies on displacement, which supplements architecture with additional values.

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The Fragmentation Of Architectural Elements

Rather than conceiving buildings by assembling their functional spaces together, Deconstructive Architecture fragments the elements of the functional spaces and reassembles them towards conceiving an architectural concept.

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Understanding The Deconstructive Architecture

Rather than seeking answers in the constructed buildings designed by the contemporary architects and the way they look, to comprehend the Deconstructive Architecture, one must read the written content by the contemporary architects and the way they conceptualized their projects.

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The Role of Monuments and Memorials

Monuments and memorials can make a memory as solid as granite, or free it to soar, and they are dedicated to reminding the next generation, in hope that they will not allow such sacrifice to occur again and demand a peaceful world.

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