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Category: Brexit

Shocked by Brexit and concerned about the future of his children, Nolan Jazimreg began to explore the reason why we are leaving the EU.

Following extensive research into the EU – UK relations, Jazimreg wrote the controversial Brexit insight, “When Brussels decided to end tax avoiding practices within its member states, Britain decided to leave the EU“, which has exceeded 100,000 readers, and 20,000 shares.

Most of its readers praised Jazimreg’s efforts to make others aware of the finely orchestrated Brexit tax-avoiding scam by Tories, UKIP and other prominent Leavers.

Of course, there were others who accused Jazimreg of misleading the British public and hoping to justify his claim or even prove them wrong, the author extended his research further and posted them on his blog.

Currently, Jazimreg is completing a comprehensive insight into the each one of the “6 Ws” backed by credible links and will be posting them once they are completed.