Jacob Rees-Mogg’s extermination of our NHS

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s amendments seem to imply that Leavers voted to prevent the EU from meddling into our taxing system and tax-havens!

We often hear “Brexit means Brexit”, but apart from Tory and other prominent Brexiteers, everyone else, including Leavers are still confused about what it actually means.

Prominent Tory Brexiteers resigned under the pretext that May’s Brexit Plan keeps Britain tied to too many EU laws and according to them, this is not what Leavers voted for!

Assuming that they will deliver a Brexit that Leavers expect out of their government, Jacob Rees-Mogg proposed four amendments to May’s customs bill.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is the chairman of the European Research Group (ERG), a secret organisation that has no website, and even though its members are deciding our future, their names are unknown to the British public.

According to The Guardian, recently Rees-Mogg spoke at Petersfield Churcher’s College, and the ERG issued a summary of his speech, calling on the British to change its tone on Brexit, by refusing a close alignment with EU and leaving the Customs Union.

Amongst his proposed amendments, which will deliver a Brexit in line with  “the will of the people”, ERG’s chairman, Jacob Rees-Mogg demanded to terminate any future cooperation between the British and EU tax authorities.

ERG’s chairman, Jacob Rees-Mogg believes that the 52% voted to leave the EU, did so because they don’t want the EU meddling in the British tax affairs, although this issue wasn’t raised by the Tory Brexiteers during their leave campaign.

According to The Guardian, Jacob Rees-Mogg claimed that his tax amendments are essential because May’s Chequers didn’t reflect “the will of the people”, due to the fact that the UK would continue to remain subject to European laws.

Since Jacob Rees-Mogg’s amendments focused on tax relationship with Brussels, one can safely assume that he objects to the EU Directives and Regulations that govern the tax affairs of its member states.

Although his mother-in-law managed to receive £7.6m of the British taxpayer’s contributions for restoring her Wentworth Woodhouse, according to the British official parliament records, back in 2011, Jacob Rees-Mogg opposed EU’s plans to eliminate austerity measures by imposing a financial transactions tax, and called on his fellow MPs to stop the EU from getting “its grubby little hands on it.”

Sharing vital financial information regarding tax avoiding practices between the EU and the UK tax authorities is vital to the implementation of EU’s new Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.

But then again, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s seems to suggest that the 52% who voted to leave the EU expects a Brexit that will prevent the “European Union getting its grubby little hands” on the assets of our wealthy tax dodgers.

Even though this might have been the agenda of the Tory Brexiteers and the British newspapers owned by wealthy tax-dodgers, protection of the ongoing tax avoiding practices in the UK isn’t “the will of the people”.

Especially not now, when all EU member states will have to implement EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive and bring an end to the UK’s ongoing austerity measures.

Yet, Jacob Rees Mogg’s seems to believe that Leavers don’t want the EU to force the UK to collect the due taxes from our wealthy tax-dodgers, and this is exactly what his recent amendments to May’ Brexit Plan managed to accomplish.

8 thoughts on “Jacob Rees-Mogg’s extermination of our NHS”

  1. Reese-Mogg’s agenda has been obvious from the start. May chose to ignore it. Absolutely disgraceful. The rich looking after the rich in our name.

  2. What a load of biased remoaner cramp.
    The current Government have been fighting against the EUs client tax avoidance and gave been going after the tax avoiders themselves.
    In fact the last two years has seen the biggest investment in the HMRC to enable them to go after the tax dodgers.
    What people need to understand us that it us the personal tax tgey are going after rather than cooperation tax.
    In simple terms, reducing cooperation tax allows companies to make more profit losing them to invest more in the UK while at the same time the shareholders earn more which they then have to pay personal tax on .

    1. Yeah right, that’s why there’s 30,000 employed attempting to catch benefit cheats which is something like 0.2% of benefits claimed and only 350 employed to catch the multi national and homegrown tax dodgers which amounts to billions! Go spout your nonsense to somebody who gives a ****!

    2. This is rubbish, the number of employees chasing top end tax dodging has been severely reduced but the numbers have been increased to chase low end tax dodgers . Don’t try and say May and co are trying to close tax loopholes, they could do it tomorrow, but they won’t. The SOLE purpose of Brexit is to AVOID being compelled to close these loopholes by the EU which by coincidence starts at the end of March next year.

    3. Utter rubbish. Fair taxes- that means the rich pay more an corporations don’t dodge tax almost completely- effectively collected are the cornerstone of a well functioning state that provides good public services. Tories don’t care about any of that. Keep the rich rich, add to their wealth by siphoning public money into their pockets (i.e. privatisation which never rests in better services at any level). Toryism is loathsome, greedy and inhumane. Time to ditch Brexiteers and kick them out.

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