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Veritas est Libertas – Chapter 10

Scenes inside the UN’s General Assembly Hall reappeared on the screen, showcasing speeches from the President of the General Assembly, the United Nations Secretary-General and heads of states at the 83rd UN General Assembly session, who stringently outlined the global challenges and proclaimed their commitment to rectify its shortcomings. Jade briefly interjected, highlighting that task force’s blunt refusal to distribute their recommendations before the event’s proceedings aggravated most the delegates attending the 83rd UN General Assembly session.

Instead of a report, the UN delegates found a Convention on The Secret of Divine Civilisation with its Script Protocol, which detailed its implementation, neatly placed on their seats. Stringent booing accompanied the announcement of the next speaker task force’s board president, Professor Bashkim Bote from the University of Geneva, as he slowly ascended four steps that elevated him to the green raised rostrum platform. Because of his unusually flat nose with disproportioned large holes in his nostrils, his large shinny rounded bold head resembled a bowling ball. As the camera zoomed in on the professor’s wrinkled face his raised bushy grey eyebrows, revealed and a very mellow, haughty expression of uncertainty commonly found on children who wait over the counter for their ice cream to be served. Standing bemused behind the marble clad speaker’s stand, he adjusted the microphones to his diminutive stature and wiped drops of sweat trickling down his forehead. After discreetly placing his notes on the rostrum desk, his chubby fingers pulled out a smartphone from the inside pocket of his brown jacket, and glided his left thumb over the black device, infiltrating the enormous hall with the following verses:

“Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or-”

The green light on the slim microphones protruding towards the Professor’s face disappeared, and abruptly faded out John Lennon’s song. The perplexed professor kept tapping the microphones with his chubby and hairy fingers.

“Honourable Professor Bote, the UN General Assembly rostrum is not a DJ booth!” The President of the 83rd UN General Assembly session intruded, inducing hysterical laughter throughout the hall. “The microphones are not responding because I had to switch them off. I shall now switch them back on, but I implore you to adhere to your original speech that you have submitted.”

The humbled professor turned anti-clockwise to face the President of the General Assembly, holding his hand up in a formal apologetic gesture. Once the green light glowed again, the academician stretched his arms sideways, reclining them over the wooden surface of the speaker’s stand. He snatched his thick spectacles that hung around his neck, and after adjusting them over his eyes, he began reading out his English notes with a funny French accent, reminiscent to Peter Seller’s Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

“Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, distinguished delegates. Eighty-one years ago, your predecessors gathered in San Francisco to sign the United Nations Charter, giving birth to this organisation. Yet, more than eight decades later, the Charter’s aims remain visible only in its pages. Instead of reflecting unity, this hall endured division and various renditions of truth. That is why today, we have deposited a reliable blueprint for obtaining a unifying truth. It is called the Convention on the Secret of Divine Civilization, named in honour of Abdu’l-Bahá’s open letter to Persian emperors, which set out the basis upon which the United Nations is established.”

Professor Bote paused briefly to examine the facial renditions of his audience.

He wiped the streaming perspiration from his face and neck with a white handkerchief, bowed his head and opened his narrow mouth to voice out his notes, “This convention intends to ascertain a new constitution that would transcend the United Nations into a united nation!”

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